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The new 2015 GCSE course has 30% more content than before. Students therefore have to pick up all those new concepts at an even faster rate nowadays.

I am happy to help students with all aspects of Higher Tier GCSE Maths, whether taking a fresh approach to the basic concepts or making the 'scary stuff' (surds, quadratic simultaneous equations, etc.) less frightening.


Many independent schools offer IGCSE Maths instead of the usual GCSE examination. While there is much overlap, there are subtle differences to be aware of.

I have long experience of teaching Higher Level IGCSE Maths, so I know the specific requirements of the course and what particular aspects to focus on to achieve a higher grade. I can also provide plenty of targeted practice material.

A Level

The new A Level specification is particularly challenging and many schools are having to rush to get through the content in time. There are also very few past papers to practise.

I am familiar with all aspects of the new course (Pure, Mechanics and Statistics) and I also have a bank of many thousands of differentiated practice questions by topic - these questions will not duplicate those used in school.

Further Maths + Oxbridge

Not all schools have the funding to be able to devote many lessons to Further Maths as a fourth A Level, let alone offer regular Oxbridge preparation classes.

I have taught Further Maths (particularly Further Pure, Mechanics and Decision) and run Oxbridge preparation classes for a quarter of a century and I enjoy helping high-flying students to explore the finer points of the subject.

About me

team member

I am Dr Tim Price, a former Oxford research scientist and a Maths teacher with 25 years' classroom experience teaching the age range from 11 to 18. I offer calm, patient and good-humoured online tutoring for UK Higher Level GCSE, IGCSE and A Level Maths and Further Maths (as well as Oxbridge preparation) to students anywhere in the world taking these qualifications.

Online sessions take place using a shared browser-based infinite whiteboard alongside Skype to provide an audio link. I can put PDF files of any past exam papers or custom-made question sheets for any topic on the whiteboard, and then the student and I work together on these questions, discussing and annotating them. This is a very good replacement for sitting down together in person with a set of printed questions. You can access this whiteboard between lessons and you can even save a permanent record of it at any time.

You can use any device with an internet browser, regardless of operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.), and you don't need a video camera. Things are easier if you have a touch screen (e.g. a tablet) or a graphics tablet with a stylus plugged into your computer - this makes it simpler to write and draw on the whiteboard. A phone screen is rather small for this purpose, though!

I place emphasis on explaining the 'why' as well as the 'how', with plenty of 'top tips' that won't be found in the text book to help students understand and remember those awkward topics that caused problems in the past.

I am also the author of the popular MATHSprint worksheet generator used in many schools across the UK and worldwide, and I use this software to provide extensive practice material (along with answers) for students both during and between their tutoring sessions.

I always enjoyed Maths and Science at school, and I am grateful to the inspirational teachers who took the time to nurture my interest and to push me beyond the syllabus. After graduating from Oxford University with a first class degree in the late 1980s I then stayed on to complete a doctorate in Chaos Theory before working in Paris for two years as a postdoctoral researcher. Following this, I decided to go into teaching because of the breadth that the job offered in comparison to the increasing narrowness of research, as well as a desire to 'pay it forward' and pass on some of my enthusiasm for the subject.

My first post was at Westminster School, London in 1993 and I subsequently worked until summer 2019 at a local independent school, teaching across all ability ranges. I also ran Oxbridge classes and coached the school Maths teams, who regularly reached the National Final of United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) competitions.

I have lived in Market Lavington with my wife since 1994 and we have two teenage daughters who attended local schools. I am now a self-employed tutor and educational software programmer, while in my spare time I run, juggle and accompany (and write music for) Lavington Community Choir.


All sessions are online for the foreseeable future. You can use any internet device, but ideally one with a sufficiently big touch screen (e.g. tablet) or else a computer with a graphics tablet and stylus attached. Failing this, you can use a laptop trackpad or a mouse to write and draw on the screen.


I offer one-hour online tutoring sessions between 9am and 9pm London time, Monday to Saturday; please get in touch with your preferred times and I will let you know when I have availability.


Your payment for a tutor session automatically includes my preparation time, all practice material and revision notes provided by me, feedback on the student's progress and an email helpline for any specific Maths issues between sessions.
[But I won't do your homework for you...]


Here are some recent unsolicited comments from parents and students.

Mrs A.D.

We're delighted to have found someone with the expertise and combined with teaching skills, of course! The resources you have provided will prove exceptionally useful too.

Mrs N.C.

J. was really excited to be receiving your guidance again and came home really happy and buoyed up about her work - a relief to us too as we have been really concerned over the past term over her decreasing confidence in Maths and the subjects which require such skills.

Mr G.L.

M. enjoyed his session today. His words were "that’s the most I’ve ever learned in 2 hours"


My rates are the same for all levels of tutoring; I bring the same level of experience and commitment and I offer the same degree of support regardless of the stage a student has reached in their learning.

Your daughter or son may like to team up with a friend in the same class to share tuition sessions and reduce the cost. This works best if the two students are of similar ability and wish to go over the same topic areas.

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Pair - per student
  • 2 ability-matched students (online)

  • Practice material included

  • Feedback on progress

  • Email help line included

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If you would like to book tutoring sessions, discuss your child's requirements in greater detail or ask any other questions then please do contact me using the form below.

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